The world is doomed as a result of climate change – what will we do about it?

On a recent trip that I took recently, I turned on the screen on the airplane and watched Before the Flood, a well-made documentary, narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio.

            The documentary is a summary of what we already know : We are screwed. From a climate-change perspective, we are already well past the stage where we can reverse the full effects of man-made climate change.

            A report from the UN IPCC also warns us about this fact. A fact that is being debated by people and politicians who don’t want to accept it.

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            As a celebrity Leonard Di Caprio attracts some attention and as a messenger of peace on climate change, his personal agenda is to push for a fuller understanding of this issue. He confesses about his pessimism of our future in the documentary. However, the documentary is a positive take on what is possible.

            The report calls this a “code red” for humanity. And Washington Post points out that there is no doubt about the facts behind the science. There is over-whelming scientific consensus. The question is : How will all of us accept this? And what to make of these findings? Will we continue to deny these facts and bury our heads in the sand, as some climate-change deniers do?

            Will we create better policies – as the new infrastructure bill has proposed? And how far are we going to go, both as people and as nations, to address this calamity? If we don’t address it, it may well turn out to be our end as a species.

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