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  • Why you don’t need so much “breaking news”

       I read an interesting article on Guardian critiquing novelist Rolf Dobelli’s ideas that reading news can be dangerous for you. The kind of “breaking,” “live,” news that characterizes much of our experience these days is not very helpful and at worst, actually can be harmful to your well-being   His argument is that real insight and […]

  • Is soccer a religion?

    This is not meant as a rhetorical question, but a rather serious one. Is Soccer a religion? What makes it one, and if not, why? There are several reasons why one can argue for Soccer ( or football) as you call it, to be classified as religion. “Religion,” which comes from the Latin root “Religio,” […]

  • Will 2013 be the year of the drone?

    Will 2013 be the year of the drone?  This is a question that may define the Af-Pak policy and perhaps how the rhetoric of “Global War on Terror”  ( GWOT) is shaped in the months ahead. With over 3228 people dead in the drone strikes, of whom about 881 are estimated to be civilians, this […]

  • Ten books you must read in 2013

    A friend recently asked me for a book recommendation, and I rattled off a few titles,  and felt good about the recommendations I had just made. But on reflection, I realized that I hadn’t suggested the BEST books to read, given the paucity of time that we all have. So, if your interests are in the area […]

  • Join us in our fund-raising campaign…make a donation !

    MENASA was incorporated in October 2011 and has successfully executed a number of events that have connected emerging leaders in the US with those in Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (ME, NA, SA). We are thrilled with our early successes, but are eager to expand programming and host even more events. To fuel this expansion, […]

  • Reflection on the nature of leadership : beyond presidential debates and rhetoric

      The presidential debate in the U.S on Wednesday brought home some issues about leadership. I personally feel the debate was made out to be more about style than substance, but some analysts have rightly pointed out that despite calls by most media pundits that Romney “won” the debate, the last word is not out, […]

  • “The boundary of political discourse, unfortunately, is around 4.6% taxes”

    “The  boundary of political discourse today unfortunately is around  4.6% taxes “ – Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General  and Professor of Economics at Columbia Uni. In a talk which offered a crash-course in  economic history of the modern US, and gave a glimpse into the  implications of the current administration’s policies in […]

  • Nonprofit outlook : Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel ?

    Nonprofit outlook : Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel ? Is there a new normal for nonprofits ?  What is the role of government in regulating and working with non-profits ? What does a movement such as Anti-wall Street represent to us as a society ? These and other questions formed part […]

  • Q and A with Riz Khan, Anchor at Al –Jazeera English

    It is not everyday that you get to meet your childhood hero. To me, Riz Khan has always been a role-model and continues to do the kind of work that I would love to do, though in a different format. Even though I am a bit star-struck by him, I managed an  interview about an […]