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  • COVID-19 in Asia – Lessons learned

    COVID-19 in Asia – Lessons learned

    On Monday, June 22, the Cal Lutheran School of Management hosted Dr. Rafiq Dossani from the RAND Corporation, Santa Monica on challenges and impacts on healthcare and economy, and lessons learned from COVID-19 in Asia. Some key highlights from Dr. Dossani’s talk : Regime type doesn’t matter, as much as the level of trust. The…

  • How the US Congress can make friends and help people

    What is the role of US Aid in developing contexts?

  • “We create Food for The Soul through Theatre”

    “I have been doing theatre for a number of years in conflict zones, and have been asked more than once why they should support our work, when people don’t have enough to eat. Shouldn’t basic needs be prioritized over art? My reply is that we create food for the soul. Our work creates hope and…

  • My Wish list on India’s Independence Day

      What do I wish for my country on its Independence day ( Aug 15th ?). Well, a few things come to mind – as I look at my country from the outside. Having lived outside the country for over 4 yrs now, I have firmly established myself as a Non-Resident Indian ( some would…

  • MENASA ?

    The Acronym dictionary defines MENASA as – Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. When you google it, MENSA throws up. Not a very smart acronym, this one. But try harder, and you will find the definition for it. A new acronym. A fad. A smart ( and pretentious) way to club together groups of…