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  • Separating myths from realities about undocumented migrants

    Undocumented workers contribute close to 500 billion USD in terms of economic output in CA

  • Why we need to reframe development

    Why we need to reframe development

    Experts in the space of international development agree that defining “development” and the processes that help us do it are difficult. For starters, one of the definitions of development is “the reduction of poverty and achievement of Millennium Development Goals.” Other scholars and practitioners have used other definitions, but the spirit remains similar. Amartya Sen,…

  • How to make a political statement by learning Spanish

    We are living in interesting times. Times when xenophobia, racism, and suspicion of the ‘other’ are going mainstream, at least at the level of political rhetoric. While one can excuse this as the misguided logic leading up to the primaries, one cannot ignore the amount of confusion this is causing- both domestically and across the…