Tag: Immigrants

  • “Where there is learning, there is change.”

    With election season making immigration and immigrants a hot-button issue, the question of their education has not come up, in a substantive way. On the contrary, there is much noise and talking points about the supposed ‘burden’ that immigrants pose to the American economy. In this insightful interview, we talk with an expert on this […]

  • What a 19th century French Aristocrat can teach us about America

      This is perhaps the most cited book in the world. I have seen it cited even when there is no need to do so, because the aura of quoting Tocqueville, the 19th century French aristocrat is irresistible. With his magnum opus Democracy in America, written after his visit to America in the 1830s’, Tocqueville […]

  • De-constructing Muslim charity

    How do Muslims give ? This may be a simple question to ask, but a rather complicated one to de-construct. While Charity and giving are one of the five pillars of Islam, the notions of giving among Muslims ( in the USA) are rather complicated, as I am discovering. First off, the notion of who […]