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  • Is healthcare a privilege or a birthright?

    Is healthcare a privilege or a birthright?

    COVID-19 has altered the answer to that question forever, making a case that it is actually both. This pandemic has caused changes in just about every aspect of life. Through a government lens, it has pushed states to ask and define what is “essential”. There has also been a challenge identifying to what extent, the…

  • The trinity of nonprofit sector: Time to revisit some assumptions?

    The trinity of transparency, accountability and efficiency are also at play in the world of public health. In the book Governing Global Health by Chelsea Clinton and Devi Sridhar, that I am reading now, this theme comes up time and again. They both argue that among the various organizations that they have studied in the…

  • ACCESS: A model for Arab-American Philanthropy? Conversations in Philanthropy # 3

    I first heard of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) through someone I know in Washington D.C. She introduced me to Maha Freij, their Deputy Executive Director a few weeks ago, as I was researching for a paper on ethnic giving and community-based philanthropy. A short visit to Dearborn, MI just…