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  • Is healthcare a privilege or a birthright?

    Is healthcare a privilege or a birthright?

    COVID-19 has altered the answer to that question forever, making a case that it is actually both. This pandemic has caused changes in just about every aspect of life. Through a government lens, it has pushed states to ask and define what is “essential”. There has also been a challenge identifying to what extent, the […]

  • Do Scholars have a social responsibility?

    The amount of b&%* shit that I see in the ‘public domain’ on a regular basis makes me want to cry. Really.I am researching Islam in the U.S. and one can only imagine the amount of non-sense that there is, out there, along with genuine, credible scholarship. I would hazard a guess that at least […]

  • My Wish list on India’s Independence Day

      What do I wish for my country on its Independence day ( Aug 15th ?). Well, a few things come to mind – as I look at my country from the outside. Having lived outside the country for over 4 yrs now, I have firmly established myself as a Non-Resident Indian ( some would […]

  • MENASA ?

    The Acronym dictionary defines MENASA as – Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. When you google it, MENSA throws up. Not a very smart acronym, this one. But try harder, and you will find the definition for it. A new acronym. A fad. A smart ( and pretentious) way to club together groups of […]

  • The challenge of writing about India

    An impossibly hard task – how do people do it ? I  will start with a confession : This blog post is one of the hardest that I have written so far. Not because I don’t know much about my country of origin, but precisely because of it. India is such a complex, vast, diverse […]