News from ARNOVA 2017

This year’s ARNOVA was held in Grand Rapids, MI. As someone who has been a regular for the past five years, I was excited for this year’s conference also because I released a co-authored book (with Dr.Shariq Siddiqui) and also won the ARNOVA-Al Subaei Arab Philanthropy award. 

The book is available for purchase here.  While we are anticipating a good response, only time will tell whether it is received well. We have taken a unique perspective of using Public Administration and Nonprofit theories to test some hypothesis and also to build theory in terms of how Islamic schools gain legitimacy. While our findings indicate that most schools are using the nonprofit form, to gain legitimacy; we were surprised to find that they operate just as well (or badly) as other faith-based schools. The issues of governance, management and fundraising remain the same.


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