Have you learnt your crisis communications lessons, yet?

Covid-19, economic recession of 2008, 9/11 attacks and a great many other events should have taught us one thing: crisis management. I firmly believe that if you have been paying attention to these events then you’d have picked up at least a few lessons in crisis management/ communications along the way. If you haven’t, no worries; I have some tips for you.

            I shared some insights into crisis communications and management, for anyone – whether you are a business manager, a professor, a teacher, a business owner or a government official. Everyone needs to have some level of crisis management/ communications skills.

            As I shared with the attendees at the Hub 101 workshop I conducted last week, a crisis is any situation where all the rules of the game are changed. A crisis is an existential threat to either you/ your organization/ nation. Think of big events like the ones I have mentioned earlier or a great many that are taking place, around you.

            So, are there any “best practices” for crisis communications/ management? Are there golden rules to follow?

            Many public affairs and practitioners will default to “holding statements,” “Press releases etc.” but I think the more fundamental step is one that starts before that : being prepared.

            So, how does one prepare for a crisis? Here are some steps:

  1. Figure out who the “leaders” are going to be, during a crisis response. Not everyone can or should be responsible for it
  2. Figure out who will be the spokesperson(s) during a crisis
  3. Figure out the resources you will allocate for crisis response
  4. Determine the channels you will use to communicate
  5. Do you have friends in the media/ blogosphere? Create a list of those, with contact details
  6. Do you have your crisis response team trained in media relations? If not, invest in that
  7. Are you responsive and have a transparent culture, at work? If not, work on developing it.

These are just some tips I shared. For more, and a recording, watch this space. If you need more details, feel free to reach out to me.

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