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  • Why more grad students should study/ travel abroad in 2023

    I took a small group of students to Tijuana, Mexico in December 2022. We visited the “most dangerous city in the world,” and a city that is often associated with crime, violence and all negative stereotypes, to learn about migration and the “migrant crisis.”

  • How to make a political statement by learning Spanish

    We are living in interesting times. Times when xenophobia, racism, and suspicion of the ‘other’ are going mainstream, at least at the level of political rhetoric. While one can excuse this as the misguided logic leading up to the primaries, one cannot ignore the amount of confusion this is causing- both domestically and across the…

  • What does the 500 Mexican Peso Currency say about Mexico?

    What does the 500 Mexican Peso Currency say about Mexico?

    We celebrated Thanksgiving in Mexico City. A combination of a cheap flight ticket, an invitation from my wife’s friend to visit and a general curiosity to explore the world took us there. Among the few things I noticed was the abundant and never-ending cultural offerings that the city (and may I add, the country itself)…

  • “Where there is learning, there is change.”

    With election season making immigration and immigrants a hot-button issue, the question of their education has not come up, in a substantive way. On the contrary, there is much noise and talking points about the supposed ‘burden’ that immigrants pose to the American economy. In this insightful interview, we talk with an expert on this…