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  • Amidst the Chaos and social strife lets ask “What would Gandhi do?”

     For those scholars and activists who are following India, there is not much good news coming out of the subcontinent. Day after day, there are reports of riots, planned attacks on minorities and institutional corruption that has forced many democracy watchers to downgrade India’s standing as a democracy. Amidst the silence of the leaders of…

  • Do Sanctions work? : What have we learnt from past actions

    I recall coming across this question in grad school, almost 12 years ago. The professor who taught a course on the UN and its role in development posed this question to all of us. The class, consisted of about 20 or so young, idealistic students from around the world with varying understandings of sanctions –…

  • Corruption in the public sector – What do we know

    Corruption in the public sector – What do we know

    I am moderating this webinar on June 29, 2021. Join us to learn more. Share this with your friends, as the event is open to all and free! The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) is proud to partner with its South Asian Section for Public Administration (SASPA) to present a BookTalk: Corruption in the Public…