Books and Publications

Books and Publications

Book manuscripts

  • Khan, Sabith and Siddiqui, Shariq. (2017). Islamic Education in the United States and the Evolution of Muslim Nonprofit Institutions.Edward Elgar Publishing Inc. Book released at ARNOVA 2017.
  • Khan, Sabith. (np).The New American Community: How our understandings of individualism and community may need revision. First draft expected to be complete in June 2017.

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Godfery, J; Branigan, E and Khan, S (2016). Old and New Forms of Giving: Understanding Corporate Philanthropy in India. Voluntas. Vol. 27. Number 1. DOI 10.1007/s11266-016-9693-4
  • Khan, Sabith (2015). Re-examining the policies in the Humanitarian Aid Sector – A call for greater ‘value rationality.’ Nonprofit Policy Forum.
  • Khan, Sabith (2015). Practical Spirituality and Religious Giving: Pluralism and New Forms of American Muslim Giving. Gandhi Marg.36, No. 4, Jan-March 2015.
  • Khan, Sabith (2015). “New Styles of Community Building and Philanthropy by Arab-American Muslims”,” Voluntas.
  • Khan, Sabith (2015). “Faith-based Charitable Giving and its impact on Notions of Community – the case of American Muslim NGOs”. Qualitative Sociological Review, Vol. 11 Issue 4.
  • Khan, Sabith (2015) “Mapping American-Muslim philanthropy between 2002-12 – Major trends, challenges and opportunities ” Journal of Social Sciences
  • Baranowski Grace, Khan Sabith, McKirtrick Melanie (2013). “Twenty Five Years of International Giving 1987-2003.” Giving USA Spotlight. Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Issue 2, 2013. IUPUI and Giving USA Foundation.
  • Khan, Sabith (2013). “Arab American Diaspora and American Muslim Philanthropy: impact of crisis situations on mobilization and formation of a community.” Voices of Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement Series. John D.Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement. American University of Cairo. Egypt.
  • Khan, Sabith. (2011). “ Middle-East peace talks 2010: Investigating the role of Lobbying and Advocacy groups in Washington, D.C. as spoilers –An Analysis of framing of issues and its impact on spoiling behavior. PARCC, Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Syracuse University.

Book Chapters Accepted:

  • Khan, Sabith (2016), “Islamic Philanthropy as a Discursive Tradition”, in, Facilitating Higher Education Growth through Fundraising and Philanthropy, Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  • Khan, Sabith (2016). Practical Spirituality and Religious Giving: Pluralism and New Forms of American Muslim Giving. Cambridge Scholars Press, U.K.
  • Khan, Sabith (2015). “Administration of Philanthropy and the need for a new value rationality”.Book chapter in the AMEPPA Series book “Eradicating Terrorism from the Middle East: Policy and Administrative Approaches“. Springer Publishers.

Papers under review:

  • De Wit, A, Khan,S and Merritt, D. “Identification and Remittances: A cross-country comparison of remittances from Netherlands and Germany.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.
  • Khan, S. (2016) Private Charity or Government Handouts? The role of NGOs and Government in managing and resettling refugees – Lessons from a case study.

Papers in progress:

  • S, Merritt, D and De Wit, A. (2016) Motivations for remittances and philanthropy – Lessons from a Meta analysis of literature.
  • Khan, S (2016). Globalization, Indian NGOs and the Government – The struggle to define development
  • Khan, S (2016). Towards a kinder, gentler Islam: How philanthropic practices are helping articulate a new vision of Islam.
  • Khan, S (2016). “Who governs and Who Leads? Governance and Leadership Dilemmas at play in a faith-based Organization in North America.”

Journal Article Review

  • Reviewer for Journal of African Studies and Development. Fall 2014
  • Reviewer for Nonprofit Management & Leadership. Summer 2015