About Me

philanthropist in california

I am a Program Director and Assistant Professor with research expertise in philanthropy, public policy, and public leadership. While my professional experience spans nonprofit management, research, and communications; I like to combine my passions to work on projects that are both meaningful and high-impact.

I am the author of two books. My book titled “Remittances and International Development: The invisible forces shaping community”(Routledge Press) was released in August 2020. This book is co-authored with Dr. Daisha Merritt.

My first book “Islamic Education in the US and Evolution of Muslim Nonprofit institutions” co-authored with Dr.Shariq Siddiqui (Edward Elgar Publishing) was published in 2017. It won the Virginia A. Hodgkinson Research Book Prize in 2020 from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).

I have a Ph.D. in Planning, Governance, and Globalization from Virginia Tech and an MPA and MA in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. 

As an educator and scholar of philanthropy, I have developed study abroad programs based in Ecuador and Mexico.

Got a Question?

If you are a student, researcher, nonprofit leader or businessman/woman; with a question about any of my areas of expertise: Charity and Philanthropy, Corporate Social Responsibility or Contemporary Islam, feel free to send me an email at khanpgg@vt.edu.

I will respond to your query within 48 hours. If I am traveling, it may take slightly longer!